Zurich is better than you expect

I was in Zurich 2 weeks ago for the ICT for Sustainability conference. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it there so I thought I would big it up.

Getting there

TGV to Zurich

TGV to Zurich

Zurich is easy enough to get to with the Eurostar and the TGV (I booked via Loco2). The journey takes about 8 hours, which is plenty of time for some pleasant hacking/reading/looking out the window, with a stopover for lunch in Paris. Its really straightforward and quick to change at Paris as long as you follow the advice given on the Man in Seat 61 website (which co-incidentally was the seat I end up in on the TGV between Paris and Zurich!).

The City


The city itself is in pretty good nick, presumably as it has been trashed in any of the numerous conflicts that the rest of Europe has had. There are trams everywhere including this one by the university that goes through a building.


The university where the conference was held was pretty grand too:

The university

The university

The Lake

The lake

The lake

On the Saturday I took a walk by the lake which is a close to the centre of town. Along the edge of the lake there is a few interesting buildings, including the Le Corbusier house (he is also on the money) and a Chinese Garden.

MFO Park

I ventured over to the old industrial side of town later on to visit the MFO Park, an old factory that has been converted into a park area. The mix of the industrial features is very well done and you can climb stairs to the top for views of the surrounding area.

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By co-incidence I was in town during Carnival, which proved that the swiss do know how to party (or at least drink lots of beer and do brass band covers of sixties tunes.)