An everyday activity: making soup

I did an interview and filled out a logbook with on home energy use. One of the activities was to document and take pictures of an everyday activity which was much easier to do as a blog post hence this post. Apologies if this bores you to tears!

Why did you do this activity

I made soup because I was hungry after work and had load of vegetables in the fridge that needed cooking!


Here are the step involved in me making soup:

  • Turns the lights over the kitchen work area (I usually leave half the kitchen lights off)
  • Read the recipe on my iPhone
  • Take vegetables out of the fridge
  • Turn the radio on
  • Boil some water in the kettle (usually takes two boils to fill the pot)
  • Open the window so the kitchen doesn’t stink up
  • Turn on the extractor fan
  • Set the timer
  • Put the stuff in the pot and stick the lid on the pot
  • Blend the soup using the hand blender


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is obviously pretty banal but it is eye opening just how many electrical and energy related things are involved in such a mundane activity.

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