Zurich by train via Loco2

I am attending the ICT for Sustainability conference in Zurich in February. This is the first time I have booked train tickets to Europe since I heard about Loco2 at Ignite Cleanweb earlier this year. Previously, I have used eurostar.com and bahn.com to book train tickets but neither are particularly great user experiences. Loco2 on the other hand is very slick and handles mutli-leg journeys better:


Plus Loco2 tells you how much less carbon you use by taking the train instead of flying:


Best of all was the price:

£214 on Loco2 versus £350 on Eurostar.com.

If you are travelling to Europe, I really recommend giving Loco2 a go.


  1. Hi Jason, Thanks very much for the mention. We really appreciate your support and will keep doing our best to improve the user experience. Also, keep an eye out for an announcement later this month that should get us even better prices for Germany and northern Europe. Kate

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