How to export your data as a CSV from Solar Log

It is always a little bit sad when you have to write a instruction about how to use software. We are using Solar log to monitor our energy generation for Brixton Energy. Its really ace to see how much energy the solar panels are generating (check out our solar log page).

I read in the documentation that it was possible to export the data as a CSV, but it baffled me for half an hour on how to do os. I eventually figured it out and thought I would share how to do it so other can avoid the pain.

Exporting daily figures

  • Click the arrow beside Overview daily and select Overview monthly
  • Tick the values box on the right hand side of the page
  • Click the magnifying glass on the left hand side of the page
  • A popup window then appears with a table of values
  • On the bottom right of the table is the CSV link
  • You can use the arrows to either side of the magnifying glass to get data for the previous months

Note that the CSV is actually semi-colon (;) separated. You will need to use the import option in Excel to open it correctly. On one of the screens in the Excel wizard you can unselect commas as the separator and select semi-colons instead.

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