Picture Previews with Ruby

In my previous post I discusses how to get image previews from TwitPic, yfrog and plixi. Getting preview pictures from is slightly harder. It is worth the extra effort however as is popular at the moment and the pictures tend to be better than the other services as people take more care with what they post.

Getting the picture preview url

Currently there is no official/supported API for this so I referred to mislav’s unofficial API documentation and ruby library. In order to get the picture preview URL you need an page link:
. You then make a GET request to the API using the page link as a parameter and specifying an additional maxwidth parameter:

This returns the following JSON:

	"provider_url": "", 
	"title": "Cupcake!", 
	"url": "",
 	"author_name": "andrewnez", 
	"height": 150, 
	"width": 150, 
	"version": "1.0", 
	"author_url": "", 
	"provider_name": "Instagram", 
	"type": "photo"

The url field of this JSON document contains a direct link to the image preview: picture preview

You can get a link to a larger image by passing a larger value to the maxwidth parameter such as

Here is the ruby code to do this:

def instagram_image_url(url)
    json = get_url(URI.parse("{url}&maxwidth=200"))
    doc = JSON.parse(json)

# Plundered from
def get_url(url)
	response = Net::HTTP.start(, url.port) { |http|
	  http.get url.request_uri, 'User-agent' => ''

	if Net::HTTPSuccess === response

Performance Issues when Querying the API

Querying the API as you are processing a twitter stream can mean a lot of (probably slow) requests to external servers. If you want your webpage to respond quickly this isn’t ideal. A simple workaround is to use a redirection URL on your site. As you process the twitter stream you extract a unique ID for each picture. The redirection URL then takes that ID, makes the JSON request and redirects the browser to the appropriate picture.

This redirect code is pretty straight-forward, here is a sinatra based example

get "/" do

get "/instagram/:id" do
  redirect instagram_image_url(params[:id]), 301

def instagram_preview_html(url)
	id = url.split("/").last
	"<a href=\"#{url}\"><img src=\"/instagram/#{id}\" title=\"#{text}\"/></a>"

def instagram_image_url(id)
	url = "{id}"
	json = get_url(URI.parse("{url}&maxwidth=200"))
	doc = JSON.parse(json)

The techniques for other services with Restful APIs, such as Flickr are similar. It would be great if followed the lead of other picture services and made their pictures directly addressable and hackable based on their URLs without having to use the JSON API. Hopefully as their web presence grow they will do so.


One comment

  1. Andrew Nesbitt · February 14, 2011

    The offical instragram api is available now btw

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